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24W RGB wash wall light

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24W RGB wash wall light

24W RGB wash wall light
Modell: JH-WL24*1WQED-01
Bonuspunkte: 0
Lieferzeit: 2-3 Werktage
Preis: CHF0,000
ohne Steuer: CHF0,000
Product Name:24W RGB wash wall light
lightsource: 24×1W Power type LED
InputVoltage:AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Aluminumalloy heat-sink OperatingTemperature: -25℃-40℃
Power factor:≥0.9 Lifetime:≥30000h
PowerEfficiency:≥86% Resistinglevel: IP65


1.The lamps shellis made ofaluminum alloy ,whichsurfaceis dealt byanode oxidation process, 

 the light bodyis beautifulanddelicate,excellent performance atcooling,strongandresistant 

 to abrasion and convenientinstallation.

2.PMMAefficient lens, light transmittance 93% and optional Angle: 15 degrees / 30degrees /

 45 degrees / 60 degrees,3.4 mmthick glass, euphotic rate highandimpactresistance.

3.Thelamps lanternspotted byheatconduction soft silicone, can effectivelyconduct heatfrom 

beadsurface to lamps shell,whichcan makeLED light failure smaller, longer life, completewaterproof

 silicon gasket, and ensured lamps lanterns isgoodperformanceon waterproof

4.Usingrange: buildingfacades, bringing the contour, Bridges, rivers embankment, square 

gardenand so on ,the wash wallprojectlight and contour outline.Also can be used for recreation,

 the channel, indoorlamplight rendering.

5.Colour temperature canbeaccording to customerizedrequirements.


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